PROOFUNEN is a comprehensive brand of non-combustible timber made as a main raw material of

"boric acid" and "boric borax".

New technology to protect the health and life and property`Wooden house which does not become fire

‘It is not the generation of toxic gases and smoke that by virtue of the self-digestion, borax, and is carbonized to be burned, PROOFUNEN that it is possible to secure the escape routes even if by any chance a fire occurs, to protect life and property I can.

‘we are using only safe and secure natural plant resources. we are not using any chemicals that cause sick house syndrome, it is safe for a baby.

‘Of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister of certified products, toxic substances does not occur even burning, thus contributing to global warming reduce the emissions of CO2.


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Products was introduced by Mrs. Mart TV!

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